With autumn upon us and winter fast approaching changing seasons come and go so quickly as do changes in social media platforms. While at first these changes may not seem like major changes they are important to know as they will affect the visibility or communication your business has with customer.

Keeping up to date and understanding the effects these changes should play an important part in your digital strategies and this is why having a good digital agency on your side to react on your behalf to these changes and strategies when necessary.

We have few ideas for you to consider, helping you focus your digital marketing.

Audit your digital marketing strategy, look into all your channels, such as website, SEO, inbound content marketing, email data collation and social media.

Are you up to date with all suitable platforms available?

Are they appropriate for your business needs and objectives?

Are you generating leads and converting these into sales into sales?

Make a note of any issues that may need refining.

Profile your customer use the data you have from previous sales and communications.

Take a look at your target audience it is so easy to miss out when not keeping your focus on your  customer – if have been in business for 15 years and your target has always been the 35 year old male – todays 35 year male old is not using the same communication channel of the 35 year old 15 years ago they listen to different music,  watch different TV, eat, drink and shop differently – so although you still reach out to the 35 year old male how you reach them has changed, so take the time to redefine these characteristics.

Not only reassess your message but take the time to assess your competitor’s message how are they influencing and communicating differently than you? Use this opportunity to refreshing your message and content – ensuring that all your messages are in line with one another.

Annual Planning Put together a calendar of events, themes, seasons that are relevant to your business objectives find at least one per month and work on putting together PR opportunities, news, and designs ideas. Incorporate these into blogs, direct communications and online activities. Allow a mix of messages which will amuse, inform and give, ensuring that you determine the successes and pit falls to enable you to grow.